The story behind 'Emma's Pigs'

Emma's Pigs is a family run business started by Emma who surprised her parents by asking for a couple of rare breed pigs for her 14th birthday!

Thinking this would be a passing phase they sent her on a pig keeping course to show her that pigs were not really ideal pets, as they would be a lot of work to look after and were hardly cuddly!

Instead of putting Emma off pig keeping, this reinforced her desire to protect these endangered animals. It did not take her long to realise that the best way to preserve the breeds was to farm them. Not only was she able to provide her customers with sausages, bacon and pork which do not shrink in the pan, but offer a truly mouth watering experience (with crackling to die for). But she was able to offer these rare breeds a lifeline, out in the open air with space to root, forage and wallow. It was a win win situation!

Two years later this has become a family business supplying regular farmers' markets, local and internet customers as well as providing a whole range of associated pig keeping services. See our Shop for a full range of products. Emma's first Berkshire pigs have become breeding stock together with lots of other pigs of various breeds. To follow our progress and to get a fun'Pigs View' of Life visit