Berkshire Pigs


A very attractive medium sized pig with prick ears, white socks, a white blaze and a white tip to the tail, otherwise totally black.


A lively, but good-natured pig with excellent mothering qualities.

Meat quality

An excellent pork pig with crackling to die for.


Rumoured to have been discovered by Oliver Cromwell’s army over 300 years ago, the first recorded pig was a boar called “The Ace of Spades” which was owned by Queen Victoria. The breed has continued to be a firm favourite with the Royal Family, who for years kept a large Berkshire herd at Windsor Castle. Current Berkshire enthusiasts include Gordon Ramsey and Jamie Oliver.


The Berkshire pig is the oldest recorded breed of pig in Britain, but its survival is threatened. According to the Rare Breeds Survival Trust there are less than 300 registered breeding sows left in this country.