British Lop Pigs


A very conventional looking pig. . Up to the 1960s it was called the National Long White Lop-eared pig a name which accurately describes this pig, though it wasn't very snappy!


A good milky mother, which is very docile and therefore easy to keep.

Meat quality

The British Lop is leaner than many of the rare breeds producing good pork, hams and bacon.


The British Lop originated in Devon and Cornwall and for most of its early history was completely unknown outside of this area. In 1955 the Government became concerned about the competitiveness of the British Pig Industry and set up a committee to investigate the problem. It reported that the problem facing Britain was that there were too many diverse breeds and suggested we concentrate on three breeds only, the Large White, Landrace and Welsh. This spelt disaster for the other traditional breeds including the British Lop, which despite being closely related to the Landrace Pig is now one of our rarest breeds.


There are currently less than 200 registered breeding sows left in this country.