Large Black Pigs


As the name suggests, this is a large black pig! In fact it is Britains only all black pig. It also has lop ears and a long deep body.


A very docile pig easily contained behind a single strand of electric fencing. It is able to rear large litters off very simple rations.

Meat quality

A good all round pork pig best known for its succulent joints.


The Large Black originated mainly in Devon and Cornwall though there were a smattering of smaller pigs in East Anglia as well. In 1899 the breed society was founded and this led to a greater exchange of stock between the two regions. The popularity of these pigs was such that they were exported to over 30 countries. However in the 1960s the trend changed, favouring white skinned pigs and the breed went into rapid decline. Fortunately there is now renewed interest in these and the other rare breed pigs which are much appreciated for their succulent taste and eating quality.


Despite the recent interest in Large Blacks they are still identified by the Rare Breeds Survival List as Vulnerable. This means there are less than 300 registered breeding sows left in this country.