Middle White Pigs


This is a small pig, white in colour with a pudgy face. Its squashed snout and large pricked ears make it look like an oversized Vampire Bat - so ugly it's beautiful!


A very talkative and good natured pig which roots less than most.

Meat quality

A speciality pork pig of outstanding quality. Originally bred for the London pork market.


The Middle White was first recognised in 1852 when, at the Keighley Agricultural Show in West Yorkshire, a row broke out over the classification of Joseph Tuley's pigs. These pigs were not technically big enough to qualify for the Large White class, but were not eligible for the Small White class either. The merits of these pigs was so extraordinary that after a hurried meeting the Middle White class was created. The Middle White proved very popular and went from strength to strength (whilst the Small White breed became extinct in 1912). However numbers declined sharply when, in the Second World War and during meat rationing, the emphasis was placed on bacon pigs. The breed society formed in 1990 (together with its Patron Antony Worrall Thompson) have reawakened enthusiasm in these outstanding pigs.


Despite recent interest, the Middle White pigs are still some of our rarest breeds. (Rarer than the Giant Panda!) They are listed as endangered by the Rare Breed Survival Trust.