Meet the Team




My name is Emma - I'm the teenage girl who asked for two Berkshire Piglets for my 14th Birthday and by default spawned this family Business!

When I think back on it I'm not sure what first attracted me towards keeping these animals. It certainly wasn't the early mornings I would have to get used to, or the weird looks my friends would give me when I told them what I was doing and it definitely wasn't the money I would make - as I'm still waiting for that! Whatever it was, after I visited a rare breed pig farm to discover more about these endearing animals, there was no looking back.

More recently I have started a degree course at Lancaster University so am no longer involved in the day to day operations of the business, though I love to get stuck in again, when I am home in the holidays.

Mum has now given up her desk job to look after the pigs and is working full time in the business. Dad has also reduced his 'Day Job' hours so that he can work 4 days a week with the pigs. I never imagined my birthday present would have such a large impact on our family, but do not feel guilty, as it is clear that Mum and Dad are really enjoying their new way of life!





I am Emma's mum and accidental pig farmer! Whilst I do not have a farming background I love working with the pigs and am relishing this unexpected opportunity to work in such a diverse and exciting sector. The challenges of producing good quality produce, in a high animal welfare system, are immense, but the rewards make it all worthwhile.

Our pigs have a great life, they are able to run around outside, foraging, wallowing and rooting, (look at all the photographs; they clearly have a happy stress free life).

I am also in charge of marketing and am the website designer. I had hoped that this would mean I could avoid appearing on the website myself. Sadly though this was not to be, I have had my instructions!




As you may guess from the photo, I'm Emma's Dad - chief Ark builder, fencing contractor, early morning alarm service and cheque book holder!

Emma's pigs have certainly changed our life, over the past few years.

Holidays are really difficult to organise

Free time is a thing of the past

And mid-life crisis has been mentioned more than once

But as you can see from my grin, I'm loving it!









Hi, I’m Claire and I am currently at University, so don’t really have much to do with the day to day running of Emma’s Pigs. However, when I’m home for the holidays I love being part of the family business, I don’t even mind the early mornings! I like to help Dad with building pig arks, and love watching the pigs running around in the sunshine. As well as this I help with the markets and enjoy cooking for the courses.

My most memorable pig problem was chasing Acorn round on Christmas day trying to give her an injection (while my Christmas dinner was on the table going cold!) I love the pigs, but I love the sausages more!





Hi, I'm Ben, the youngest member of the team. (shown here with Mum and Jules Hudson from BBC 2's Heritage Heros). I am currently very involved with the business, feeding the pigs each day, working at shows and taking the photographs on the pig keeping courses.

I love working the pigs, they are very intelligent animals with a great sense of fun which makes them fascinating to watch.

Last, but definitely not least I really love the sausages!




Hi I’m Aimee (20) and I am the newest member of the Emma’s Pigs team. I am currently doing an advanced apprenticeship in agriculture (livestock production) here at Emma's Pigs. After completing a 2 year diploma in animal management at Hartpury College, Gloucester, I jumped at Aimeethe chance to do a work based learning programme. I am a very practical hands on person so working at Emma’s Pig is perfect and work is varied and different everyday.

Along side my work at Emma's Pigs I am starting my own small business working with goats. My boyfriend and I currently have goats which we are fattening for meat and 7 females to use for breeding next year. We collect male kids from big commercial dairy herds, where males aren’t needed, and we raise them for meat. All our goats are kept outside making them happy goats! You can find us at The Happy Goat Company.

 I love working outside with the pigs and learning new things everyday. I like working in the food preparation room making sausages and burgers and working at the shows too.