Oxford Sandy & Black Pigs


A medium to large lop eared pig, with a background colour of light sandy to rust, adorned with random black blotches (not spots). It is sometimes referred to as the 'Plum Pudding' Pig.


A very good natured pig. It is prolific, hardy and a good forager.

Meat quality

Provides fine quality white skinned pork and bacon with superb flavour.


The Oxford Sandy and Black has existed for 200-300 years, particularly around Oxfordshire, though it's exact origin is not known. The breed was almost lost altogether in the 1940s when boar licensing dropped to only one or two a year. The decline continued to the brink of extinction when in 1985 the current Breed Society was formed. In August 2003 the British Pig Association took over the registration of Oxford Sandy and Blacks, a move which should help to increase public interest in this most endearing British Pig.


Breed numbers have been increasing over the last few years. There are 4 male and 13 female bloodlines within the breed. The exact numbers of breeding sows (from the 2007 census) should be available soon.