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Berkshire Piglets


Berkshire Piglets

These Berkshire Piglets were born in the middle of August.

This photo was taken on the day they were born.

Their mum had gone out to feed, being ravenous after her exertions!



2 day old piglets


Large Black x Berkshire Piglets

These piglets were born on the 5th of September. Their mum is a first time mum who (despite being very anxious during the birth) has now settled well and is proving to be a very good mother. This photo was taken when the piglets were only 2 days old.


March Pig Keeping Course

The following is a selection of photos from the 11th of March pig keeping course.

Pig keeping course

Pigs in the snow

Traditional British pigs are incredibly hardy and do not seem to mind the snow as long as they have a nice warm ark, filled with straw to sleep in.

Snowy conditions



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