Pig Arks for Sale

The British Rare Breed Pig is a hardy pig, but it still requires a place to escape from the wet, the cold and even the heat of the summer's sun. (Pigs are extremely prone to sunburn!)

Our wooden pig arks provide the ideal shelter.

An outdoor pig is not a dirty animal and will not mess in its Ark. The solid floor Ark is therefore ideal, not only for the pig, but also for the pig keeper, as it substantially reduces the time spent mucking out. Old bedding can simply be brushed out with a broom!


Currently Available

Our wooden arks are triangular in shape with a pitched roof and a solid floor.

They are mounted on skids which make them easy to move by towing them with a tractor or car. We have even towed them with pigs inside on occasion, which makes moving pigs and ark to a new pad even easier!

They can be supplied flat-packed or fully assembled as required.






Weaners/Growers Ark

8ft x 4ft with height of 4'6" at pitch

Ideal for several growers, or up to 10 weaners.





Adult Pig/Farrowing Ark

8ft x 8ft with height of 6' at pitch

Ideal for up to 4 adult pigs or as a farrowing ark

Plenty of headroom too.




New Design Ark - combining timber with recycled plastic

Over the last year we have been trialling a new ark which combines the wooden floor and frame of our traditional arks with a roof made of recycled plastic. Whilst this ark is not as attractive as the 100% wooden ark it does have the advantage of being virtually maintenance free. As with all wooden buildings (sheds, stables and arks) it is always best to retreat the wood with preservative from time to time. The recycled plastic roves do not need maintaining in this way.


New design ArkPrices

Weaners/Growers Ark

5ft x 4ft with height of approx 4' at pitch

Ideal for 2 - 3 growers, or up to 6 weaners.





All our Arks can be collected or delivery can be arranged.

Arks are made to order so there is a normal lead time of 3 weeks though if you need an ark more urgently plaese give us a call and we will see what we can do.

Please note prices are exclusive of delivery.


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Please send us your order by emailing curly.tails@emmaspigs.co.uk or calling 07876 597668. We will send you a confirmation e-mail and invoice with integrated Pay Pal button. This enables you to pay by credit card/ debit card or direct from your account. Alternatively you can pay by cheque.