Pig Keeping Course



Keeping rare breed, free-range pigs can be incredibly rewarding. Watching them frolic outside in the open air, wallowing, rooting and foraging, gives you a very warm glow inside. Knowing that you are helping to ensure the survival of the breeds also adds to this unique experience. And once you have tasted home produced traditional breed pork you will wonder how you survived without it! However, rushing headlong into pig ownership without proper consideration of all the implications is a recipe for disaster!


On our Introduction to Pig Keeping Courses we cover:

Come and learn from our experiences

To find out if pig-keeping is for you (or simply to learn more about these endearing animals) our 'hands on' sessions cover everything you will need to know.

You will be able to handle our pigs, check out their accommodation and sample the pork. You will also be able to ask questions on anything (piggy related)!


The courses cost £89 per person.

All courses include roast pork lunch, course booklet, tea, coffee and cake! There are no hidden extra costs!

Please call Anne - on 07876 597668
or email curly.tails@emmaspigs.co.uk
to reserve your place


Private Groups

If you would like a private session for yourself and your friends we can organise this at a date to suit you. These group courses are tailored to meet your specific needs so will concentrate on those aspects of pig keeping which are of most interest to you. If you simply want to spend all day outside with the pigs this can be arranged. Similarly if you want to spend most of your time looking at the business side of things this can be accommodated. Or even if you are wanting a fun piggy party we can do this too!

You choose the Date

You choose the Content

It really is up to you.

Private groups cost £99 per person with a minimum cost of £396 for the group.

All courses include roast pork lunch, course booklet, tea, coffee and cake! There are no hidden extra costs!

How to Book

You can book online for any of the above courses (simply click the 'Buy Now' buttons). Alternatively please let us know your requirements by emailing curly.tails@emmaspigs.co.uk or calling 07876 597668. We will send you a confirmation e-mail and invoice which you will be able to pay online or by cheque.

Once you have booked we will then send you full course details, including directions.


"Would just like to say a big thank you helping make my dream come true on Thursday (my 50th B'day). I had a lovely day (despite the weather)... and although the whole day was great...the very best bit was my cuddle with the 9 day old piglets :) You certainly know your pigs, and it was so lovely to see them roaming free and enjoying their lives" Bev (June 2012)

"Hi Guys. Just wanted to say a very big thank you for a fab day on Sunday. Strong winds and pouring rain did nothing to dull what was a truly memorable day.The pace, content & style of the day was spot on. A great balance between the 'must know' classroom stuff and 'getting down & dirty' with the pigs ( which was the best bit!!). I wish there was a follow up day! Thank you very much and now I need to encourage my son to buy some pigs." Steve & Sam (April 2012)

"Hi Everyone, Sorry it's taken a long time but I wanted to thank you all for such a good day at the pig keeping course on 6th March. You really do have the balance right between practical and theory, coupled with a relaxed and easy going approach. I have already recommended you to some other people who may be interested in doing the course. I will definitely be coming for the butchery course." S Mizen (Gloucestershire)

"The course was just the right mix of practical and theory. (You are obviously very knowledgeable about pigs in general.) My favourite part was the hands on time with the pigs and the food, which was superb" R Hullah (Staffs)

"Great value for money, and a must for anyone thinking of getting pigs" C. Wright (Pembrokeshire).

"Thoroughly enjoyed it. Really good depth of knowledge and information passed on. Lovely to see people so genuinely passionate about pigs" M-J Houlton

"I thought the meal / tea, cakes etc. and the content of the day was very good value for money. I can't think of anything I would improve. Thank you" R. Wastie.

"The course was very good, it explained everything anyone should know about pigs. Excellent!" M Jones (Staffordshire)

"I enjoyed weighing and feeding the pigs. The whole day was really good fun. Thanks" T Lennox (Shropshire)

"Jolly good fun all round and also inspiring" P. O'Higgins (Oxfordshire).

"Thanks for a wonderful day. Nick loved his present and we both learned a lot. We will definitely be recommending you to everyone we know. All the best for the future! :)" A Hancock (London)

"I own a training company so I tend to be very critical of other peoples courses, however I thought your Pig Keeping course was excellent. It had a great mix of activities both outside with the pigs and in the classroom and held my attention throughout. I can honestly say it was very helpful in making my decision to keep pigs. Thank you for a great day. " R. Leaver (Herefordshire)

"My favourite part of the course was interacting with all the pigs and all the valuable information. It was a great experience. Thank you for a wonderful day" A. Wright

"My favourite part of the course was playing with the large variety of pigs - especially putting a thermometer up their bottoms!" M. Boulcott

"Really really enjoyed the day. It answered all of my questions. Thank you so much" C Lennon

"Despite the cold weather I had a great day learning all about pigs. My favourite part was worming the piglets and feeding the pigs. The food was great too." A Masih

"Good value for money. Initially looked at other courses but they were much more expensive and lunch was extra!" H Wilson (Beds)

"I would love to come again. This experience has made me want pigs even more" J Turnham (Bucks)