Pigs For Sale

Acorn and her piglets


We do not currently have any weaners for sale as all our existing piglets are already reserved. However we are expecting to have some spare piglets available in July. They will be Berkshire piglets like the ones in this photo. If you are interested in reserving any please contact us in good time as they go very quickly.

Acorn, the sow in this picture, is very laid back about us handling her piglets. She is happy to let them play with us while she forages for food. In fact she quite enjoys a bit of peace from her demanding brood and positively encourages them to spend time with us!

Piglet on Emma's lap'All our piglets are handled frequently so are very tame. They like to have their tummies tickled and will happily climb on our laps.

The photograph here shows an inquisitive piglet climbing all over Emma's legs, while enjoying a back scratch.

If you would like to find out more about the Berkshire breed please see the Berkshire page of our website (found under Pig Breeds)

If you would like to reserve a piglet (even before it is born) please contact us either by email on curly.tails@emmaspigs.co.uk, or telephone us on 07876 597668.