Pork, Sausages, Bacon and Burgers

The difference

Rare breed free-range pork is quite different to the mass produced intensively farmed pork you can buy in the supermarkets.

Our pigs are kept outdoors where they are allowed to grow at a natural pace, maturing much more slowly than intensively farmed pigs, (whose movement is restricted and whose diet is enhanced with growth promoters). This results in pork which has a greater depth of flavour, is succulent, tender and juicy.

The traditional rare breeds were bred for outdoor life and have a higher fat content than much of the modern meat available. This fat greatly enhances the flavour and succulence of the pork and it is therefore important to cook the pork with its fat. People who do not wish to eat the fat should think of it in the same way as the sediment found at the bottom of a good bottle of wine. - You don't need to drink it, but it needs to be there!



Hot Food

We cook up our succulent pork and pork products at shows and events across Herefordshire, Monmouthshire, Worcestershire, Gloucestershire and Shropshire. If you are organising an event and would like to provide a fantastic culinary experience for your guests then please get in touch we would love to help.



A Selection of our awardsAwards

Shortly after we first started making our own sausages we decided to get an experts opinion of them by entering them in a couple of sausage competitions. We decided to enter the Royal Welsh Winter Fair Breakfast Sausage competition (Nov 09) and the British Pig Association Wales and Border Counties Pedigree Sausage competition (Dec 09). We had never entered a sausage competition before so were a bit nervous. To our amazement and delight we won both events. Obviously the judges agreed with our customers about the excellent flavour of our produce.

More recently we took some of our traditional and flavoured sausages back to the Royal Welsh and were delighted to win Gold Awards in every class we entered! This is particularly satisfying as we were up against butchers who have been established for generations. We also got the Reserve Champion Award which includes flavoured and plain sausages from every class including lamb and beef.

In January 2011 our Pork and Sweet chilli sausages were commended by the Heart of England Fine Foods in their Tastiest Sausage Competition and in February 2011 we won another Gold award for our Premium Breakfast Sausage at the BPEX regional road show in Malvern.

Recent awards were gained at The English Winter Fair and The Royal Welsh Winter Fair. We are delighted to be able to report that we won Golds at both of these shows, proving that the quality of our sausages is recognised both sides of the border!

We have also now won an award for our burgers. At the first burger competition we have ever entered (The Royal Welsh Winter Fair) we won First Place with our Pork and Apple Burgers. We were obviously delighted to add this award to our list of accolades.