Introduction to Emma's Pigs

At Emma's Pigs we specialize in the traditional British breeds of pig.

We are also passionate about animal welfare and believe that these highly inteligent animals should live outdoors where they are able to exhibit all their natural behaviours.

Our pigs are not just outdoor bred or outdoor reared, they live outdoors all year, with soil beneath their trotters and sky above their curly tails.



Our pigs' welfare comes first!

One Day old Large Black Piglets

Bottle Feeding

These Large Black piglets were rejected by their mum who was a first time Mum, with no maternal instinct whatsoever!

As each piglet was born mum got up and ran away from it, so she ended up with piglets being deposited all over the pen (none in her nice cosy ark). After several attempts to get her to accept them we have had to resort to bottle feeding them so they don't die of starvation!






Two Day old Berkshire Piglets

These Berkshire piglets are two days old. They have already learnt that the safest place to sleep is behind the farrowing bar so that Mum cannot lie on them accidentally. They also sleep all snuggled up together. this has two benefits, shared bodily warmth and safety in numbers as Mum will be less likely to lie on anyone if they are all together where she can see them.




Middle White Piglets

These piglets were only one week old when this video was taken.

The sow (Gelly) had 11 piglets all very even in size.

As you can see mum and piglets are free to go outside whenever they want. When this video was taken it was quite hot outside so they came in where it was cooler to feed.

If you listen carefully you will hear Gelly's contented grunts and her piglets happy suckling sounds.




Inquisitive Berkshire Piglets

These young Berkshire piglets are busy exploring while their mother lies in her wallow.

They are very interested in my legs, but still a little too shy to let me stroke them.







Newly born Middle White Piglets

This video was taken at night with only a head torch for light.

At the start you can see the piglets snuggled behind the farrowing bar where they are safe from mum accidentally lying on them.

As one piglet climbs across the others if you look closely you can see his umbilical cord.

Further through the video mum is suckling them.

The film is fairly shakey, but well worth a look.